Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Studio Progress & Wooden Book Covers

View of the back of the studio.
 My husband has been very busy building me a new art studio at our lake house in Quebec these past few weeks! As you can see by the photos here, the rafters are in for the roof. All the windows and skylights are "roughed in" now, except for the gable ends. He will be working on those this week. He is planing on being able to "sheathe" the exterior, including the roof, this week, and then start to put the shingles on and close up the structure for the winter.
View of the front of the studio, facing the lake.

We most likely will not be able to get the skylights and windows installed until next summer. We also still need to get an exterior screen door.

I am so very thrilled with how this is all coming together! I also love the fact that I got all the windows FREE on Craig's list a few years ago in Cambridge. They are brand new, in the package, vinyl replacement windows!!!!

Working on drilling wooden bookcovers, Tobie is watching!
While François is busy building, and coming back to himself in the open air, I am working on wooden book covers for small books. This is a silly photo-François picked Tobie up and put her on the workbench while I was drilling!

I am loving my Dremel tools a lot this summer! The drill press is marvelous for drilling exactly placed holes for Coptic book binding using these panels. When I have the books complete I will post more photos.

Being able to be at our Lake House for 4 weeks is such a blessing. The weather has been beautiful, the peace and quiet amazing. I have fully recovered from shingles and am thankful to no longer be falling asleep at the drop of a hat! Surrounded by nature, with chipmunks, loons, moths, butterflies, humming birds and even a fox visiting us almost nightly has been amazing! The abundance of the natural world around us heals our bodies as well as our souls.

Each morning when I wake and watch the glory of sun kiss the lake surface and surrounding trees, I am reminded on how thankful I am to God for all the abundance in our lives. My heart soars like a hawk when I feel the breeze come through the trees and my creative verve is well nourished by the peace and quiet of God's creation around us each and every day.

All will be well, and all will be well, and with the beauty and grace of God's wisdom of creation, all will be well.