Sunday, July 23, 2017

So Long Away From My Website...

I have been away from my blog for months. In late March into early April my husband nearly died a couple of times from complications related to a misdiagnosis, an emergency gall bladder removal that turned into an almost 5 hour surgery, and complications afterwards. Thankfully he is recovering well and we are actually able to leave tomorrow for our Summer Holidays at our cottage on the lake.

View, front of the cottage, studio
The first photo is a beautiful photo of the studio with skylight. Last year Fran├žois connected the studio to the front deck of the cottage with a lovely walkway. This means I can wake and prepare my breakfast and meander to the studio in my jammies and slippers every morning!

There is nothing quite like walking out into the lake mists of early morning (around 5:30-6:00 a.m.) to this wonderful sanctuary of the creative spirit!  Normally by this time of year we have had many weekends at the cottage, doing maintenance, getting ready for our holidays. However this year we have only been over to stay the night twice. We are so looking forward to the final "pack up" tomorrow so we can make our leave taking until September and our return.

Inside the studio

The last two photos show the inside of the studio before I had a chance to work on cleaning it up last weekend. We use it during the winter to store the outdoor stuff-chairs and grill, etc, during the winter to keep them out of the elements. This past week my dear friend Nora traveled over with me to drop of the first load of supplies and equipment for the summer creative holiday. When we leave tomorrow I will have several more tubs of supplies and small tools, as well as my book weights and sewing frame, and a number of books, that will help me keep busy over this lovely summer holiday.

My workbench, waiting!
I am so very blessed to have a fabulous skylight and beautiful big window that look out directly to the lakefront of our property.  We are planning lots of work on our lot this year-clearing brush, removing dead trees, and deciding which ones of the new trees to keep and nurture.

However, in between the masses of outdoor maintenance work we will be called to do, I will be hunkered down in this lovely studio my husband built for me. My creative verve is soaring as I finish cleaning our home, packing up the studio, and loading the truck and our car for the trip over to the cottage.

As I write these words, and I contemplate the last  four months, my heart aches with joy. If  you would have asked me even two months ago if we would be able to spend our holidays at the cottage this year, I would not have answered in the affirmative. So many weeks in and out of hospital, and then home with CCAC home nursing care, masses of IV antibiotics through a central line, and an appetite that did not seem to return, conspired to take my husband's energy and hope from him on more than one occasion. Thankfully, with the help of God, amazing doctors and nurses, the love and support from current and past parishes, the power of prayer has helped to lift us both up in so many amazing ways.  

There were times in the middle of the night when I sat by his hospital bed, trying to remember what time zone around the globe our children were in, (Iowa, Endinburgh, AbuDhabi, Brisbaine) that my heart would sink a bit, and I would allow a tear or two to sneak past my eyelids. I would then close my eyes and allow my soul to be taken up with prayer. 

It was in those quiet, dark moments, when I opened my heart and my soul to prayer that I would be lifted up in light, and I could feel the prayers of all those around the globe who were praying for us loud and clear, tangible, as if they were right in the room with us. I have tried to explain this feeling to others and so far have been inadequate. It was almost as if I could feel the brushing of wings past my heart, so gentle, that it took my breath away. Clearly, this experience was meant for me to know that all will be well, and all will be well, with the grace and peace of healing by God our Mother, all will be well.