Monday, November 10, 2014

Creative Verve Is Flying High!

This is the "Steampunk" version of the JOY! Postcard series.
I Love it, but most of the marketing material looks like the photo to the right!

I am very busy these days preparing for JOY!!, November 22-23 in Ottawa. This is the large Christmas Market sponsored by the Ottawa Valley Craft & Collectibles Guild, of which I am a member. Click on the photo above to be taken to the show website, where all the information about the vendors is available.

There is FREE parking for visitors downtown in Ottawa!!!!

This is also the weekend for the Santa Claus parade, so on Saturday try to arrive in the morning before 11 and note that access to be parking may be restricted during the parade.

There is no set entry fee, however, the organizers will be taking donations at the door for The Ottawa Senators Fountation.  The Ottawa Senators Foundation empowers children and youth to reach their full potential by investing in social recreation and education programs that promote both physical and mental wellness.

I am very honored to be in such good company for this show. Over 80 vendors will be on hand, including Valley Artisans' Co-op members Laura Mayo and Sara Carlisle  for both days, and Karen Bernard, on Sunday.

There is something amazing about being part of a market full or artisans who bring their soul into the world by creating. Their are food artisans, fabric artisans, and a host of traditional crafts at this show. Be sure to stop in and support local artisans.

Over the past year I have been working on small editioned and unique artist's books.  I am so excited to have sold most copies of my ABECEDARIUM for the Maker's of Artist's Books, but still have a few copies left which will be available at the show. John Howell Books in the USA has one copy for sale also.

I will also have on hand the final reproductions of my unique artist's book, The Alphabet Effect.

The reproductions can be seen HERE.

Many of the journals have charms in their ties.
Over the Summer working at the Cottage Studio was amazing. I have produced a line of Soft Cover leather bound journals.  These are longstitch binding, and lay flat on the table. They are perfect for travel journaling because they are flat.

The soft leather covers allow plenty of room for expansion of the book through additions pasted onto the page.  Several have signatures made from Fabriano watercolor paper. Some of these journals also come with a soft, letterpress, bookmark.

The "Treasure Boxes" are perfect size for 4"x6" photos.

Last year I had many requessts for handmade boxes, so I have added these to my show inventory.

The "Treasure Boxes" are all cut and assembled by hand and covered with either bookcloth, handmade paper, or hand silk screened paper.

I will have several sets that will come with a matching journal, as shown here.

Wood Relief blocks and cards printed from them on handmade birch bark paper.

My letterpress line of Christmas Cards and Note cards is being expanded this week also.  My cards are printed on handmade paper, marbled paper, and birch bark! It is so much fun finishing up the last of the cards just before the show. This year I am working with wood relief cuts as well as my vintage metalcuts and having a blast!

Letterpress Gift Tags, pack of 9

In addition to the cards, I am producing a variety of "Letterpress Gift Tags" using relief wood blocks.

This item, again from requests from customers, has been exciting to work on for me. I designed and printed them using the Vandercook 01 Proof Press given to me by John Kristensen from Firefly Press in Boston.

Each of the tags has a printed design on the front, brass eyelet, and silk ribbon.

In addition to all my new Letterpress items, I will have framed calligraphy prints, cards, and original calligraphy broadsides and unique artists' books.

The past month has been a crazy, creative, wonderful journey, filled with joy and love and many blessings.  I have two more weeks left to get work into frames and price tags on all my work.  I really love the "market" aspect of coming together with other people who are driven to create. There is a flow of ideas and a union of spirit that is very hard to describe.

One thing I can say for certain, is that being in the midst of some of the most creative people I have ever known within this atmosphere feeds my creative spirit in undefinable ways. My heart soars like a hawk as I prepare my work for viewing by these creative souls and for purchase by the public. As always, my desire to present my love of God and faith in her spirit in the world through my work is all encompassing.

Each day as I work in my wonderful studio, I am reminded of the ABUNDANCE of blessings in my life. The love and joy in my marriage, the peace of living in community with the members of our faith community, and the grace of being able to create and share with the wider community. I feel the breath of God in my heart and soul as I work in my studio, and I know that as I feel Her warm breath on my neck, across my cheek, and in my heart, that All will be well, and all will be well, with the grace and breath of the Holy Spirit, all will be well.