Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Calligraphy Society of Ottawa Brush Writing Workshop with Paul Herrera June 2-3!!!

These are photos taken on "Day One" of a two-day Brush Writing Workshop given by Paul Herrera for the Calligraphy Society of Ottawa June 2-3.  I was there as the "sherpa" for Paul-carrying his things, setting up the room, taking photos and videos-helping him in any way I possibly could. He also asked me to tell some of my Father Catich Stories and to help the students one-on-one. It was a wonderful couple of days. I am still sorting through all the photos and videos and will post more later. This is just the first group from Day One. It was wonderful to see the room go from being set up for the day, and through folks working and Paul's demonstration pieces going up on the wall!! Enjoy!!!