About Me

Brush Calligraphy Demo

Trottier Calligraphy Studio and Ducks In A Row Press are operated by Nancy Ann Trottier. Both the calligraphy studio and the private letterpress studio began part-time operation in Cambridge, MA.  Our family moved to Deep River, Ontario in late 2010 with the intention of becoming a full time craft shop. In May of 2012 I received permanent residency in Canada and Trottier Calligraphy Studio and Ducks In A Row Press became my full-time occupation.

Collage Letterpress Print
I have been a part-time calligrapher, watercolor artist, and maker of artist's books for almost 30 years. My undergraduate years were spent at St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa. While there I was fortunate to study with the late Father Edward Catich, recognized expert on formal Roman lettering, for the year before his death.  More recently my work has begun to include letterpress elements. My Master's Degree in Art History was earned at The University of Iowa. In my academic career I was a codicologist, using the concepts of manuscript codicology in the study of early printed books. My research centered on the Hardouyn Press from Paris, which operated from 1502-1535 and printed Books of Hours.

Making Books at our Lakehouse Studio
Currently I am actively involved in making all types of books and completing bookbinding projects for others. I create blank journals, artist's books, and manuscript books. It is my hope to complete a letterpress book of hours as well as a calligraphy manuscript of a portion of the Book of Common Prayer, centering on Morning Prayer texts. I am also very involved in teaching courses both here in Deep River and also for The Art Legacy League through The Catfish Letter Arts School.

Slate Hand-cut letter inscription
Within the past six months I have been able to set up my slate cutting portion of my studio space. Currently I cut inscriptions in slate with a chisel and gild them with silver, copper and gold leaf. I have been fortunate to acquire a wet saw with beveling capabilities and expect to expand this portion of studio production during 2013.

You may contact me via email: nancy@ducksinarowpress.com.