Thursday, July 18, 2013

Setting Up My New Studio at the Cottage!!

These photos were taken this week, during our first few days on our Summer Holidays at the cottage. My husband has constructed me the most amazing studio at the cottage!! These are just a few photos. I am in Deep River today picking up more equipment and supplies. It is amazing to me that I will have close to 3 1/2 weeks of uninterrupted CREATIVE TIME in this amazing studio. I am truly blessed!

I hope to be binding books and cutting letters in slate by Saturday morning!

You can see the construction of the studio over the past two years in the slide show posted to the right of this section of my website!

Setting up, moving around...

This stairway to the sleeping loft is being replaced by a collapsible attic staircase.

My stone cutting table!! PERFECT LIGHT with a corner shelf for a battery operated spot light!

Unpacking and setting up the space.

My calligraphy table was given to me by our dear friend, Kathren Jackson, and came from her childhood home.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cottage Studio Progress and Summer Holidays!

Fran├žois and I spent this past Monday and Tuesday at the cottage preparing to start our annual Summer Holidays on July 14. We are so blessed to have this marvelous piece of heaven where we rejuvenate each year.

Over the past two years, my loving husband has been in the process of building me a beautiful studio on our cottage property. It has 11 windows between the main floor and the sleeping loft, and two lovely venting skylights. All of the windows are new vinyl replacement windows I got FREE on Craig's List in Cambridge. Each one of them is slightly a different size, however, that does not matter because they bring in so much light!

This week we installed the front door to the studio. This wonderful door has a venting window and will provide more light and fresh air into the studio.

Checking the door opening, applying the calk, setting the shims, and resting on the temporary steps after the door was hung!
This week when we return we will install foam insulation and block up all potential holes that might allow "critters" to make an entrance. Our next step will be to put up the vinyl siding and trim out the exterior windows and door frame. Once this work is completed, I will be able to set up shop in the studio and get to work making art and creating artists books.

Studio last year-just before second skylight was installed.
My studio time at the cottage this year will be very special. This new studio, lovingly created for me by my husband, will provide a peaceful, dedicated creative space in the middle of the wilderness. My creative time will be enhanced by the wind in the willows, the call of the loons, and the quiet of living "off grid" for over four weeks.

This year I have a full studio plate-making hand made paper, making marbled paper, creating a series of unique artists' books, making greeting cards, and cutting letters in slate. As most artists and artisans know, there is no substitute for continued, uninterrupted creative time. This lovely studio will allow me to spread out, establish my creative flow, and work to my heart's content!

As we prepare to leave the comforts of Deep River for the rigors of living continually "off grid" at the cottage, I realize that I will be once again disconnected from some of the comforts of modern living. No telephone or cell phone service, battery and solar power for tool use and the occasional movie watched on a laptop, and kerosene lanterns and solar powered flashlights for wandering around in the dark.

However, my heart soars like a hawk when I think about watching the moon rise or the sun set over the lake from our deck. My breath quickens and my pulse races when I contemplate the joy of making paper in my new studio and picking up the chisel to cut a letter in the quiet of the forest.

Existing as we do during our summer holidays brings us into the bosom of mother nature, to feel her warmth and revel in the bountiful abundance of the cycle of life and the seasons that envelope our world. My husband takes great joy in tracking the path of the sun as it sets each day over the lake, taking note of the decreasing number of minutes of daylight we enjoy each day. I revel in the quiet joy of the wind as it whispers to my creative soul and the fervent fluttering of the hummingbirds as they fight for a space at the feeder.

Marking time with the peacefulness of prayer and creative pursuits, husbandry of the land and lake of which we are stewards, and enjoying the call of the loon as we fall into deep, restful sleep, brings us such joy.

And I know with the wisdom and the grace of God to guide us, we will enjoy each moment of our time away, and all will be well, and all will be well, and with the beauty of God's creation all around us, all will be well.