Saturday, June 16, 2012

Printing Arts Fair Road Trip

This album contains slides from my ongoing trip to the Printing Arts Fair at The Museum of Printing in North Andover, MA. It is this coming Sunday from 10-5, and admission is FREE! Stop by if you have time.

The first image is a calligraphy/letterpress piece I created for the Museum to use in a raffle at the Fair. We ended up on a ferry across Lake Champlain, a real surprise and quite fun!There are also photos here of my friend Nora and I at Harcourt Bindery with Sam Ellenport and Firefly Press with John Kristensen. We also managed to walk part of the Freedom Walk and see Gary Gregory at his North Church Colonial Printing Shop ( A MUST SEE) and also to have dinner with dear friend Pat White. We are back next week and I will fill in captions at that time!