Friday, September 19, 2014

Introduction to Making Paper by Hand at South of 60 Art Center

dipping the mold and deckle, lifting the mold, preparing to couch the sheet, draining the mold, couching the sheet

My next workshop will be held at The South of 60 Art Center in Barry's Bay Saturday, September 27.  Participants will learn the basics of creating paper pulp in small batches using recycled paper and pre-made paper pulp; how to construct a simple mold and deckle for small sheet papermaking; and how to colour pulp and pull a sheet of paper from a vat.

Participants will also be introduced to "poured paper" sheet making where additions are aded to the pulp. Participants will also be introduced to the SUMINAGASHI paper marbling technique

Participants will take home the paper they make during the workshop and also a handout set of notes to help them make paper at home.  

Complete Registration information is available by clicking HERE.

If you have questions about the workshop, please email me at