Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stone Cutting Demonstration!

I participated in the Valley Artisans' Coop  Demonstration Day today. We set up a tent in our store parking lot, 33373 Highway 17, Deep River, ON, and several of our members demonstrated watercolour painting, pottery slab building, wheel throwing, sun dying of fabric, wood carving, spinning, and rug hooking. I demonstrated calligraphy and how to cut letters and shapes with a V-cut into slate. It was a wonderful day!  We set up the demonstrations to help celebrate the coop's 25th Anniversary year!!


  1. Thanks for the demonstration on stone cutting. That looks like hardwork but the results are great. I would love to have something like that hanging up in my house.

  2. Awesome. Thanks is so cool that you can do stone cutting. My cousin has been looking to get into it. He says it is quite hard to get good at. Got any tips for a beginner?