Thursday, July 18, 2013

Setting Up My New Studio at the Cottage!!

These photos were taken this week, during our first few days on our Summer Holidays at the cottage. My husband has constructed me the most amazing studio at the cottage!! These are just a few photos. I am in Deep River today picking up more equipment and supplies. It is amazing to me that I will have close to 3 1/2 weeks of uninterrupted CREATIVE TIME in this amazing studio. I am truly blessed!

I hope to be binding books and cutting letters in slate by Saturday morning!

You can see the construction of the studio over the past two years in the slide show posted to the right of this section of my website!

Setting up, moving around...

This stairway to the sleeping loft is being replaced by a collapsible attic staircase.

My stone cutting table!! PERFECT LIGHT with a corner shelf for a battery operated spot light!

Unpacking and setting up the space.

My calligraphy table was given to me by our dear friend, Kathren Jackson, and came from her childhood home.

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